A Patient-Centered Approach to Healthcare

Become a member of a close-knit medical community, gaining direct access to your primary care provider without the constraints of traditional insurance networks.

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Direct Primary Care

Enhanced Healthcare in Plant City, Florida, offers Direct Primary Care (DPC) services, a patient-centered approach to healthcare that emphasizes accessibility, affordability, and personalized attention. With DPC, patients at Enhanced Healthcare become members of a close-knit medical community, gaining direct access to their primary care providers without the constraints of traditional insurance networks.

This innovative model allows for longer and more relaxed appointments, giving physicians the opportunity to truly understand their patients' health needs and develop comprehensive, individualized treatment plans. By eliminating the burden of insurance paperwork, EHC's DPC fosters a stronger patient relationship, making healthcare more transparent, convenient, and focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for every individual.

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    IV Therapy

    A comprehensive and rejuvenating IV Therapy service designed to optimize health and wellness.

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    Vitamin Injections

    A fast and efficient way to replenish essential nutrients and optimize overall health.

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    Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    A transformative treatment for individuals experiencing low testosterone levels.

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    Peptide Therapy

    Hormone regulation, immune system support, tissue repair, anti-aging benefits & more.

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    Botox And Fillers

    Leading cosmetic treatments to help clients achieve a youthful and refreshed appearance.

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    Sexual Wellness

    Promoting sexual wellness through comprehensive and compassionate care.